James, James Butler

James is a virtual personal concierge provided by lebijou.io and is half human, half machine. James is the smart way to take care of daily or weekly tasks without actually doing them yourself. James pairs busy individuals with friendly, organized, knowledgeable, skilled people who handle all of life’s necessities: from dry cleaning, groceries, sending packages to booking a private jet or helicopter. James can also do pet sitting or organize gifts for your mom or spouse. In a few years he can even call your mom and talk to her and she won't notice that it's not you. You need to repair your vacuum cleaner, but you have no time to send it to the service center? James is your man.


It coulnd't be easier. Just send an email or iMessage to james@james.ai and the magic can begin.

Meet James

You decide when, where and for how long you want to meet James. Some people prefer virtual communication and actually never have seen James.

Assign tasks

You can tell James anytime (7/24, 365 days) how to make your life easier and better. You ask and you can consider it done. BEEP.


Peace of mind is just a few touches and swipes away. Contact James with a few swipes on your iPad (if you want one) or contact James by sending an email or iMessage. James also offers you the simplest user interface in the world. You can simply press a simple physical button and James does the magic (play you a movie, order a pizza or sushi; you name it, James does it). You decide how and when you want to contact James.

James tackles everything from room cleaning to private jet reservations.
The longer you have James, the better "it" gets. James knows what you like and just how you like it.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, James makes it happen. Consider it done. BEEP.


James can organize your laundry. James can also neatly pick it up from your room, wash and iron it, fold it and stack it in your drawers. Dry cleaning? No problem.

Fridge Management

James can stock your fridge with your favorite drinks and snacks. Having a party? James organizes your favorite beverages and organizes an additional fridge if necessary.

Room cleaning

James can clean your room every day, every other day, every week or on request and also neatly arrange stuff. Cups, bottles and pizza boxes are where they belong when you return to your apartment, house or boat.

Post deliveries

Need to send a big package? You certainly have better things to do than going to the post office, waiting in line and then realize that you actually forgot your phone which contains the address. Why bother? Just outsource this mundane but time consuming task to James.

Personal Chef

You want to surprise your spouse with a romantic candle light dinner? James organizes a Michelin-starred or non-Michelin-starred Personal Chef. Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Frutarier? Not a problem. You name it, James organizes it.

Anything else

You need a Personal Driver (Mercedes S Class or UberX, Uber Black Car, UberPOP), tailoring, carpet cleaning, plumbing, small repairs? No problem for James. Hungry? Just send a message to James and 30 min later you can eat. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, James makes it happen.

Ready to simplify your life?

Live your life and do your imporant tasks and let James handle the rest. Are you ready to simplify your life and start a new way of living? Just ping James and he will contact you.

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